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2013/5/8      view:
have developed a "Secure Printed Wiring Board" which is highly effective in preventing counterfeiting.
With the Secure Printed Wiring Board, an invisible ink, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, is used on the main body of the printed wiring board, and an individual ID number is engraved through a combination of printing and laser engraving. With this individual ID number, it is possible to identify individual products and determine their authenticity, thus making counterfeiting difficult. 
As the ink is managed very carefully from the stage of raw materials, the level of security is extremely high, and the product is very effective in preventing counterfeiting. 
The anti-counterfeit processing used for this product differs from conventionally employed indirect countermeasures, such as attaching security stickers to packaging, in that counterfeiting and forgery of the printed wiring board itself can be prevented because the anti-counterfeit processing is applied directly to the wiring board. 
In applying the anti-counterfeit processing to the main body of the printed wiring board, Toppan Printing and TNCSi have employed the know-how they have built up over the years to develop a method that does not adversely affect the performance of the wiring board, and maintains the functions required of a printed wiring board, including insulating properties and heat resistance. 

By adopting the Secure Printed Wiring Board, companies will be able to prevent counterfeiting of printed wiring boards, maintain the reliability of products, and protect and enhance their brands. With identification of individual products and determination of authenticity by purpose-built inspection devices, it will also be possible to immediately check whether a product is one that is made by a certain company and provide appropriate quality assurance.