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Features of the Secure Printed Wiring Board

2013/5/8      view:
In recent years there has been an increase in counterfeiting of printed wiring boards, which are the circuit boards for electronic devices. When defects in electronic devices occur due to inferior printed wiring boards, damage is significant and the inability to provide appropriate quality assurance has become an issue because it is not possible to confirm whether a printed wiring board is one made by a certain company or not.

However, because labels easily peel away from the solder resist (insulation) used on the surface of the printed wiring board and it is not possible to attach a sticker directly to the main body of the board, products have been managed by attaching IC tags or security labels using devices such as holograms to the packaging. With these indirect anti-counterfeit measures, it is not possible to manage the printed wiring boards themselves, and therefore a need has arisen for countermeasures to counterfeiting that can be applied directly to printed wiring boards.

By using security ink that is difficult to obtain, it is possible to apply anti-counterfeit processing directly to the printed wiring board.
This product is highly effective in preventing counterfeiting because specialist manufacturing know-how is required to apply anti-counterfeit processing directly to printed wiring boards.
Through the combination of special security ink and laser engraving, it has become possible to immediately confirm whether a product is made by a certain company or not via individual identification using a purpose-built inspection device, and therefore appropriate quality assurance can be provided.
The performance of the printed wiring board, such as insulating properties and heat resistance, is maintained.
As counterfeiting and forgery is difficult, the reliability of products is maintained and brands can be protected and enhanced.